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Every heard of Vitacost? They sell pretty much everything that has to do with nutrition and supplements. I got to try the site out and they sent me some fun things to try. The first was my favorite, gummie vitamins.

I've made fun of these things for as long as they have been around. I always joke about really... you can't take a vitamin, you have to eat them in gummy form. I'm not joking around anymore. I always have these great intentions of taking my vitamins every day. And I never seem to make it through an entire bottle before they expire... but gummie vitamins??? Yeah I don't forget to take them. I'm looking forward to taking them. These are so going on my list as an everyday item.

The next item I got to try was Celsius Sparkling Wild Berry. It says it will help you burn 100 extra calories, and energize you. I can't vouch for the calorie burn but I can say this thing was a shot of energy. I was sitting talking with a coworker as I was drinking one and she started making fun of the fact that I was talking faster and faster and getting more animated... so I guess this stuff works pretty fast on me. I only drank 1/2 the can because I was starting to get a bit too "up" for my liking. HA. It was tasty though.

The last item was Hydroxycut Drink Mixes. Again I can't say if this really works for weightloss, you are suppose to take one drink mix 30 minutes before each meal. I'm not the best at planning out taking these 30 minutes before meals, so I've only made them a few times. Taste was good for a fruity water enhancer.

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