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Burlap Bag

If you've been around the blog awhile, you might have seen my post last year about my strapless burlap dress creation for the Joe Bean eco challenge. I didn't win last year but knew I wanted to try again this year! Instead of a rather uncomfortable to wear dress I decided to go with something that was actually usable.

I am SO excited for this purse. I will totally be rocking it after the competition is over. If you want to see it in person along with the other 40 artist's creations, head to Joe Bean Coffee Roasters on Sept 6th to see them all!! I'll be there to sign autographs... since I'm famous *coughcough*

Fingers crossed... although I'm sure there will be some stiff competition.

Want to make your own? Here's how. (totally realize I should have taken pictures... but really it's easy!)

  1. Cut a rectangular piece of burlap and a rectangle of an old t-shirt (for the lining) to the same size. 
  2. Fold materials in half to form a square (nice sides facing in).  Cut a nice curve into the top of both (this is where your handle goes). Sew up along both sides.
  3. Flip bag corners out and sew a line  through each corner to create a box bottom (video tutorial here, you don't need the tool they are selling, just use a ruler. It sounds more confusing than it really is)
  4. Flip burlap right side out and place lining inside. Use double fold bias tape to hold lining and burlap together and sew along curve.
  5. Do the same around the entire top opening of the bag. I added a piece of burlap bag edging into the center of the bias tape to give the top extra strength for when you hold the bag.

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3 chews:

Jeanne said...

love love love this bag!!!! Can I have it? (Just kidding. Maybe I should make my own!)

Sounds like I know what to make you for christmas!! :)

dawnalli said...

THANK YOU for sharing this pattern for free!! so nice! i have some coffee bean bags that i bought a year ago "just in case" i figured out what to do with them! yay!! i am so excited to try and make this!!!

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