For the love of bias tape

I'm on a little girl's dress making spree. They are just so fun to make, and since they are small, they go together super fast! What's not to love?
You know what makes something go even faster? Bias tape. How haven't I used this stuff before?? I bought some to edge my burlap bag pattern, and I used the rest of it up on this dress. And I may have already gone out and bought a whole bunch more in different widths and colors... because I want to make more things!!!

I started off with this dress pattern, and I had all plans on following the whole thing, but then I decided to finish the armholes with bias tape... and figured... why stop there!? Lets do the neck with bias tape too!!

Adorable! As you can see Hobbes wanted to get in on the photo action. Even though she had a whole yard to run around... she wouldn't budge from under where I hung the dress.

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jeanne said...

So cute! I know a little girl who is going to love it!!

Loren said...

What an adorable dress! (And dog!) What kind of breed is little Hobbes?

Thanks Loren! She's a wheaten terrier and a total sweetheart!

Ann said...

Is Hobbes wearing a camera on her collar?

Ann :)

Ha nope that is just her invisible fence collar, its a honker!

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Ann (Guest):
Is Hobbes wearing a camera on her collar?
Ann :)
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Ann said...

OK, so no late night puppy cams! That would be pretty funny. :) Hobbes is such a sweetie!

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