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Their tagline is "rekindle your love of baked goods" I kinda love that tagline. Gluten free baking is a tricky matter. I've given it a go and had some delicious results and some pretty epic fails. All But Gluten definitely comes out on the BIG WIN side. It's one thing to say "oh this doesn't taste gluten free" and a whole other thing to say "this tastes amazing!" I was surprised all these wonderful things were made without gluten, but delighted that they had the texture of typical baked goods along with all the delicious flavor!

Best yet, all of their products are in the regular aisle.. no freezer burn here! I have to say it's one of the biggest turnoffs of gluten free breads out there. They are always in the freezer... who wants to have to thaw something before making a sandwich? Or be forced to toast it. No thanks, I think I'll have a slice of this fresh cinamon raisin bread with a little cream cheese on top!

In case you are wondering and aren't a long time reader, I'm not gluten free. I eat everything. Personally I think it gives this review a bit more street cred... no offense but if you haven't eaten a real gluten-filled muffin in years... can you accuratly compare a product to them? These things were so good I don't care if you can eat gluten, you should eat them anyway, cause they are awesome! The blueberry muffins... seriously they tasted exactly like the white flour kind, all tender and delicious. The macaroons... seriously swoonworthy. (I may have eaten the entire bag in way less time than I'd ever admit) The chocolate chip cookies?? The perfect amount of chew. And the brownies you ask?A slight crumble to them, but not in a bad way, just eat them over a plate and you're ready to roll.

Bottom line, this line of gluten free products gets an A+ from this lady right here.

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Rhonda Coursey Golden said...

Very excited, can't wait to find this amazing sounding baked goods...I have missed you so much!!!!

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