Farro Risotto

Hey there! Long time no talk. Much has been going on here, but in the mean time, you should go make some of this. It's amazing. No seriously. AMAZING.

It's farro risotto, and it's chocked full of mushrooms and onions and parsley... and now I want to go run off and make a big bucket full of it. Go go go! And don't be scared it's not intimidating like regular risotto... or am I the only one that thinks regular risotto with all the stiring and watching sounds like a pain to make? Me and pain to make don't get along so well... rather the opposite. I run away from pain to make. I'm more of an easy as sunday morning kinda dinner gal.

I know I got way off track so go try this recipe!

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Jeanne said...

missed your posts.
That looks yummy!

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