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OK I agree in most cases, but when a restaurant is so atrocious in service, attitude, ok flat out everything... you need to warn other people. I'm doing a public service right?

Once a month I meet up with a fun group of women for book club. Each month we pick a new book and a new restaurant to try out, sounds good right?! So far we've eaten at a ton of delicious places, no complaints... until this past Monday... when devastation rang out by the name Chilango's.

First off, we should have had a reservation, but by Sunday night only 5 had RSVP'ed, so no reservation needed, however when 10 of us showed up ready to eat... we knew we needed to ask if they could fit us in. Being a Monday night they were by no means packed and said it wasn't a problem they just needed to push two tables together.... 10 minutes later the waitress said she'd just be one more minute... 20 minutes later while 4 other groups came in and were sat while we patiently waited (our table was set up and ready to go), we finally got the girls attention again and asked if we could at least go sit at the already made up table and look at the menus... with a slightly annoyed look she told us we didn't have a reservation and then let us sit down.... umm seriously lady, we asked if it was ok, you said yes and it would take a second...

45 minutes and counting we finally got our waters and placed our order. At the 1 1/2 mark one girl needed to leave to get home and had asked if hers could be changed to a take out order... 1.45 into the experience we finally got our food.

People kept saying that it's always like this and the service sucks but the food is worth it. I'm sorry but in my book if the service sucks I'm never coming back. Excited to finally get to eat this "amazing food" I was immediately saddened by what was on my plate, it was OK, but nothing great, in the case of the steak taco's one girl had she proclaimed them "inedible". Awesome, at lest I didn't order those. To make matters worse they brought out chicken tacos first ummm wrong order, thankfully it didn't take another 1.45 to get the correct order.

Horrible service + ehh food + a huge bill to pay = a pretty unhappy steph chows

2.5 hours in we finally got our check and had to go pay at the bar since our server had again gone MIA. The manager gave us a $30 gift certificate as a sorry for the service. I informed the group you couldn't pay me to come back here again. I know it's mean, but it's the honest truth! Hopefully next months pick is better, I don't think it's possible for it to be worse...

I sent John a quick text at this point to let him know I wasn't dead and wasn't sure if we were still going out for ice cream since it was so late. He texted back that I should go get ice cream so I wouldn't be cranky when I got home... smart man. With his wise advice in mind we headed over to end the evening on a happy delicious note. Just around the corner Lugias cheered me up. I ordered the baby size, and I'm half way through eating it in the picture below...

(sizes go baby, kiddie, small, medium, large)

I got the kaluah almond amaretto, oh yeah, it made up for the bad mexican 10 fold. mmmmmm bring on Lugias!!!! Next time I say we just go straight for the ice cream and all order larges... we can compete to see who can actually eat the whole thing!

What's your worst restaurant experience? Would you blog about it to warn other people? Or keep your trap shut?

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3 chews:

You are too fun, and I agree. Bad service once and I never go back.

The thing that really got me was that people said the food was worth the horrible service!?! And it wasn't amazing food by any means!?!?! So sad. At least the ice cream was amazing :)

Tracy said...

Check and check, never going there! Thanks for the warning!

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