Cheesecake! and a winner

And the winner picked by of The CarbLovers Diet Cookbook is....
Rebecca S. who said "Favorite food in the entire world is cheesecake. I hardly ever eat it since it is so terrible for you, but it's an awesome treat when I do eat it." I'll shoot you an email so I can get your address. Thanks everyone for entering!!

Speaking of cheesecake have you all tried my favorite cheesecake recipe ever?? It's an amaretto-amaretti chocolate cheesecake, and it's only 1/2 bad for you! But it tastes full on bad for you :) You can find the recipe here. You know you want to go make it!!

Do you like cheesecake? Do you prefer it Plain Jane, or do you like to mix in fun tasty things like this recipe does?

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6 chews:

OMG, and it's Gluten free!! :) This sounds amazing.

OO good point! I hadn't even realized!!

Hannah said...

Oh, sounds perfectly decadent! Cheesecake isn't my first pick for dessert, but if it's all fancied up with chocolate, caramel, etc, I don't mind it at all. ;)

Mrs. B said...

Cheesecake is my favorite! I've never made it myself. Looks like I'll be trying it soon. How can I pass it up if it was a winner!?....I look forward to following and reading your blog. I invite you to follow mine as well. Happy cooking, happy blogging....happy EATING! ~ Mrs. B

5 Star Foodie said...

That's an awesome flavor combiantion, delicious looking cheesecake!

HI! And welcome! Can't wait to click over and check out your blog!!

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