Chocolate Chip Cookies... for "date" night

John hates things with dates in them... unless I put them in the food processor so he can't tell. I was hoping to slip these past him and even chopped up the dates to be a bit finer than the rough cut called for in the recipe... alas, he noticed right away and went from thinking they were tasty, to down right rotten. Oh well, guess I'll have to eat this whole batch on my own... darn! ;)

Bake these for the sweetie in your life for Valentines Day, or bake them for yourself, I'm not judging, I bake for myself all the time!
This is another recipe from The CarbLovers Diet Cookbook and you still have a chance to enter my giveaway over here to win a copy! I LOVE these cookies, yes they do have 6 tbs of butter in them (I used Smart Balance). But all in all they are a healthy whole grain, date filled cookie. They have a wonderfully crisp outside and a chewy center. You can click the image at the end for the original recipe or if you are like me... you can modify it as so :D

Replace 1/3 cup white flour with wheat flour.
Instead of 3/4 cup brown sugar, I only used 1/3 cup brown, and added 1/3 cup splenda to the dry ingredients.
Used Smart Balance instead of butter.

Do you sneak things into your partners food? I'm all about it! But I can never keep a secret, I always end up telling him.

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3 chews:

Jeanne said...

I love dates in cookies! Yum!

Tracy said...

I'm kinda with John on this one -- I just don't care for dates!  They look good, though!

Tracy said...

I love dates, so I would love these cookies! You can give me all of John's cookies and I will gladly take care of them for you. ;-)

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